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Accessibility shortcuts announces every move I make

Accessibility shortcuts announces everything I do. When I search for a program, it’s announces the title, what it’s about, how long it is, etc. when I click on the show I want, it continues to give me all information about the show and even keeps going after the show starts to run.  If I continue to watch the same channel, when the next show starts, it’s does the same thing, announces everything about the show, the description, time left, channel etc. goes on for 45 secs to a minute. Very annoying, please help.

another question! Doesn’t Roku have a customer service dept. where you can actually talk to a person.  Much easier.

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Re: Accessibility shortcuts announces every move I make

1) Pressing Options four times toggles that feature. You can also access it from the menu via Settings > Accessibility > Screen reader

2) Yes, but not for that kind of thing.

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