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Why can’t I turn on my Roku TV?

So my dog ate my Roku Smart TV Remote for my 32” roku TV while the TV was off. I tried using my phone to turn on the TV, but it’s saying I need the TV to be on to connect my phone. I bought a replacement remote, and it says the TV needs to be on to connect the remote. I cannot find a power button on the TV either. How can I get my TV on?? 

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Re: Why can’t I turn on my Roku TV?

Hello @shannenmarie

Thanks for reaching out regarding the issue you are experiencing.

Could you please try re-pairing your remote to your Roku device to see if that solves your problem? Please follow the steps below to accomplish this:

-Remove the power cable from your Roku device, wait 5 seconds, and then re-connect the power cable.
-Wait until your Roku device displays the home screen.
-Restart your remote. If your remote uses standard batteries, restart your remote by removing and reinserting the batteries. If your remote is rechargeable, press and hold the pairing button for 20 seconds. The status light should slowly flash green, stop, then flash rapidly. When this happens, release the pairing button and your remote has restarted.
-Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds until you see the status light begin to flash. If the light does not flash, charge your remote or replace the batteries.
-Wait for 30 seconds while the remote establishes a connection with your Roku device.
-Once the Roku device is connected to the remote, the pairing dialog should appear on your TV screen.

For more troubleshooting steps, check out this link: How to fix your Roku® voice or simple remote that is not working


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