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Volume increase @Danny-R. NO Solutions

To all Roku support. Especially


Why since back in 2021 2022 2023 have you not found the solution to the problem.

It's all over Google Google it. Go into your community room and under discussions search volume increase.

You have a bunch of consumers complaining about the same thing. There's a man's name that begins with Jason for a screen name and he has a ticket number and you sent him a TCL power bar and that still doesn't correct the problem.

Monday I spoke to a representative and went to the supervisor beverlyne and she tells me there is no information in the computer that there is a problem with this. Again I reiterate that the consumer who screen name starts with Jason as a ticket number a new sound bar and it doesn't fix it.


After 1 hour and a half on the phone the other day methodically going through everything I recreated they stated 

"We will not escalate this unless you do the following"

" This message is to follow-up regarding your TCL TV Model 55S455. For us to validate the reported concern with your TCL unit and determine the best next steps, please send the following requirements.



• A picture of the reported issue (The image should show the entire TV and output should be clearly visible).

• A video recording of the reported issue (The provided recording should show the entire TV and clearly demonstrate the described symptom). 

• A picture of the white sticker at the back of the TCL unit (Image should clearly show the product's serial numbers).


Please let us know if you still have the original box. If necessary, we can send you a free box that you can use to ship your TCL unit to our Service Center.


We will not be able to proceed with your support request without these requirements.


Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions.


Thank you for choosing TCL!"




Your Customer Support Team


CL North America


Why do I or any other consumer have to do all that work to show you that there's a problem if it's in your community room and all over Google and it's been going on since 2021.

My time is money and I have a warranty on my TV and I want it fixed which the easiest solution is to update your software. Tell your TV not to be looking for the same increments as the TV and let it be compatible with all sound bars!

That is a first graders way of telling you exactly what to do.


If I have to do all that work when you have many many technicians who get paid a lot a lot of money then I deserve to get paid my money at $500 an hour.

I bet when I check there will be no answer to this no solution to this.


Get your technicians into the lab and recreate the problem it's that simple. Why do we have to do the work for you we bought your product you do the research you fix the problem.


And to everybody who reads this go to the BBB for TCL and find a complaint



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