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Tv wont power on but there is sound

Tv is just stuck on a black screen but i can hear the audio of the tv

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Re: Tv wont power on but there is sound

Greeting @Paugmz21382

Welcome to the Roku Community. 

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you are experiencing. We'd like to look into this further. To clarify, do you have a Roku TV? If that is the case, please be advised that we are currently aware and our engineering team has been investigating this issue closely. Kindly provide the necessary information below: 

  • When was the last time TV was used without issue
  • When was the issue first noticed
  • Is the issue popping up when you start the TV
  • Is the issue happening during a content playback
    • If so, what streaming channel?
  • brand and model TV (this can be seen on the back of the TV)
  • Press the Home button 5 times, followed by the Back button 5 times to obtain a tracker ID (we are aware that this tracker ID will be unseen due to the black screen)
    • date stamp when you triggered the tracker ID
  • can you see a picture on the screen with the use of a flashlight

Once we have this information, I'll be able to pass it along to our Support team who can investigate further. 

If you have a Roku device and experience this issue, we suggest you visit our support page to help troubleshoot further: What to do if you cannot see the picture from your Roku® streaming player on your TV.

Keep us posted.


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