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Turning off action smoothing

Hi! Does anyone know how to turn off action smoothing in the TCL Roku 55S451 model? I just noticed this in a movie I’m watching. Pressing * while the movie is playing doesn’t have the setting. Has anyone figured out how to turn this off?

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Re: Turning off action smoothing

Hi @kiral9,

Thank you for this inquiry.

On Roku TV models that support action smoothing, the feature is available in the advanced picture settings submenu of the options menu.

  1. Press the Star button on your Roku TV remote during playback to open the Options menu.
  2. Scroll and select Advanced Picture Settings.
  3. Modify the Action Smoothing selection using the left and right buttons on the directional pad on your Roku TV remote. The directional pad is plus-shaped and is in the center of the remote.

Please note that your Roku TV does not support the feature if action smoothing is not listed in the advanced picture settings submenu.

Please let us know if you need clarification.


Nadee K.
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Re: Turning off action smoothing

Try the following steps
To access the Settings menu: Use the navigation buttons on your remote to find and select the Settings option. Usually, it's on the left or right menu of the Roku home screen.
Select "Display and Sound Settings": In the Settings menu, navigate through the different options to find and select "Display and Sound Settings".
Adjust Display Settings: In the Display and Sound Settings menu, you may need to browse to find an option like "Display Mode," "Screen Settings," "Advanced Display Settings," or something similar. Access that option.
Disable Motion Smoothing: In the Display Settings menu, try to find an option related to the Motion Smoothing feature. This may be called "Motion Enhancement", "Motion Interpolation", "True Motion", "Smoothing Effect" or similar terms. You can try selecting this option and toggling it to "Off", "Off" or a similar setting.
Save settings and exit the menu: Select "Save" or "Apply" to confirm your settings and return to the Home screen or close the settings menu.

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