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TV headphones do not work when streaming from Roku Soundbar

We just hooked up the Roku Soundbar to our Sony tv using the HDMI ARC input. It is working well with one difficulty: my wife is hard of hearing and uses a small rf speaker whose sound is transmitted from the tv's headphone jack (our tv allows sound from its speakers, bluetooth and headphone simultaneously). This works fine with the tv's tuner, our TiVo or a Roku Steaming Stick but not with the Soundbar's internal Roku player. I believe this is a design issue due to the Soundbar not sending sound to the television (since the sound is coming from the Soundbar). My question is whether there is a setting that I have missed or if the optical cable will correct this issue. If not I plan to go back to the Streaming Stick and use an alternate soundbar like Bose or Sonos. 

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Re: TV headphones do not work when streaming from Roku Soundbar


Thanks for the post.

Please be aware that when connect a Roku Soundbar to your TV, it will disable the audio coming from your TV, this includes any external audio devices you have connected.


Danny R.
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