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Reel Rookie

Re: TV flashes Roku but stays blank

"That being said, I don't think there's anything Roku can do about it except....." sweep the 3% of owners with faulty devices under the rug while continuing to placate the 97% without issues.

And this is why I don't spend One Dollar on any Roku subscription service.  

Channel Surfer

Re: TV flashes Roku but stays blank

Same issue here. TV is 18 months old and a paperweight. TCL refuses to help.

Reel Rookie

Re: TV flashes Roku but stays blank

TCL TV FIXED   Under $25.

Research, YouTube and Ebay... Fixed it myself.   I needed an LED Driver (power supply/LED driver circuit board).  My model incorporated both onto one single board.

Go to YouTube..... search and learn on videos from TampaTech and ShopJimmy.

As an aside:  I mail-ordered a newer TCL TV from Sam's Club.  TCL 43S453 is a 2022 model year.  $219.88 plus tax plus $8 shipping AND this particular model is suppose to have a 3 YEAR limited warranty.


Wait for the TCL 43 inch 2023 model 43S450R and aliases 470R; 410R; 430R to be available soon.  The 2023 model has an updated display with Dolby Vision and the audio with Dolby Atmos.


Had I known $25 would fix my old tv...... I would have likely waited for the 2023 model to arrive in the Roku format.  The Roku environment / interface is highly rated and just works.

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