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Reel Rookie

TCL optical audio issue - need assistance

OK, so my issue may be a bit different. I've been using the Optical Out on my TCL tv. As we all know, Optical cables can be somewhat to touchy when it comes to inserting/attaching as they sometimes just pop out. The Optical connection on my TCL is/was like this. 

The last time I attempted to re-insert the Optical cable into the TV, I could not. Upon looking closer, the plastic piece covering the output had gotten pushed inside the output. I pulled the plastic out (just broke off), and re-attempted to insert the Optical cable to no avail. There is a metal piece on the right of the output I'm assuming helps to keep the cable in, but my cable would not stay. So...I easily pulled the metal piece out.

Now I have a hole with a red light. Is there any way to repair (install something in there to hold my Optical cable and... of course make it functional?

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