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TCL ROKU TV - Right side flashing black *FIX*

My 3 y.o. 55" 4k TCL ROKU TV screen suddenly started flashing to black every 10 secs or so on the right side only. Audio was unaffected.

A quick read thru related posts (everyone else seemed to have the whole screen flash black) suggested this was power consumption related and manipulating Picture Settings, specifically TV Brightness, Picture Mode and Dynamic Contrast might help. I'll let you read thru for the details and permanent fixes, however, this post is to confirm the suggestion provided a temporary solution for me.

Here's what I did:

TV Brightness - Lower from Normal to Dark

Picture Mode - Lower from Enhanced to Vivid

Dynamic Contrast - Lower from High to Low

The flashing stopped.

I went back a bit later to try different combinations and was able to return the Picture Mode and Dynamic Contrast to the original higher settings. However, any combination with the TV Brightness setting at Normal or above resulted in the return of flashing.

As a result, my Picture settings now are:

TV Brightness - Dark

Picture Mode - Enhanced

Dynamic Contrast - High

If that fails, try manually lowering your backlight setting too. Hope this helps get you up and viewing again!


Re: TCL ROKU TV - Right side flashing black *FIX*

Thanks, changing the brightness fixed my issue.  I was very close of trashing it😂

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Re: TCL ROKU TV - Right side flashing black *FIX*

Thank you thank you thank you! My MIL's screen started doing a flicker (first left, then whole screen, then right). She had me on the phone with the cable company, switching out HDMIs like I worked for a big box store and was trying to sell her on the 24k gold tipped cables. Clicked on the TV brightness and switched to dark and voila! Thank you again, my sacrifice of 30mins prior is nothing compared to being woken up at 3am bc there's a problem with her tv.


Thank you I ain't got time for her 🤬

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