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Streaming Stick+ (3810eu) iplayer All4 stopped

Hi all, In the last month BBC iplayer and All4 have stopped loading. When opening the apps the icon appears then it just stays on that screen. Have tried app deleting and reinstalling, and reseting and reinstalling apps. The latter got it working once then it stopped. Netflix NowTV Apple TV work fine. All suggestions welcome. Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Streaming Stick+ (3810eu) iplayer All4 stopped

ROKU 4K Dolby Vision stick.

Nothing but connectivity problems, slow connection, error messages and refusing to play streaming of certain channels.  A quick check of my internet connect, no problems (350Mbps stable connection).  However, ROKU device refusing to use more than 0.3Mbps via 5 & 2.4 Ghz wifi).  A factory reset of the ROKU stick has not resolved the issue.  Clearing the cache also has had no effect on the problem.

What a complete mess ROKU is since this morning.


Since this morning, 20 November 2022:

BBC iPlayer, works when it feels like it, giving constant connection problem messages and streams keep buffering.

NowTV, will not stream or open the app, giving constant connection problem messages.

itvX, giving constant connection problem messages

Rumble, the entire channel had to be deleted and reinstalled to get it working

All4, keeps asking me to sign in, even when I'm already signed in, refuses to load the full UI.  Then, after restarting it, does not ask me to sign in, loads then gives an error message.  Restart again, loads no problem and plays streams.  Restart it again, "Sign in to your accout" message.