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Streambar Roku Recovery Mode (Bricked?)

Same problem with my Roku Streambar that I've had less than a year and a half. Several days ago it just went into recovery mode on its own, and now it's stuck. I keep going through the prompts, successfully connecting to the internet, and then the only option is "update now". It updates and restarts, only to go back to the start of recovery mode.

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Re: Streambar Roku Recovery Mode (Bricked?)

Hi @jtank00,

Greetings from the Roku community!

We're glad to assist you with your problem with your Roku Streambar being stuck in recovery mode. Recovery Mode is a feature supported on some models that allows you to clear all data and software from your TV and reinstall the operating system. Please try to press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds on your Roku Streambar and see if it changes anything on your screen. Also, how are you powering your Roku Streambar? Please ensure that it's powered directly from the wall outlet. Try to unplug it from the wall outlet for a minute and plug it back in right after. Try to reboot your modem and router too by unplugging them from the wall outlet for a minute and plugging them back in. To know more about recovery mode, check this support article here.

Let us know how it goes, and we'll be happy to assist you further.

Kind regards,


Eunice L.
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Re: Streambar Roku Recovery Mode (Bricked?)

I'm not replying to anyone in particular, just updating on my OP and the system would not let me do that.

Anyways, I finally called support and a guy had me do the reset and said to keep doing it over and over, thought he was giving me the run around so I thank him for the help and said good buy.

So for _hits and giggles I tried it a few more times, (I also had a new streambar remote) and this time the recovery screen had French language selected! Hmmm, I hit enter and wala!! it went to a select wifi and then password! It did update, But then it came back to recovery. I hit enter again, and then it went to another wifi and password, enter, and then finish final update. It's back!

Not sure if it was the factory reset, (also tried unplugging the power cord and holding the reset for ten seconds after replugging) or using the new remote for streambar that did it.

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