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Steeambar Bluetooth app missing

This isn't a new problem but I haven't seen a recent solution. 

The Bluetooth app is missing from my brand new bar. I've connected a couple of devices to it via Bluetooth - TV / Android etc. Each device asks whether I want to start the app, but doesn't advance.

I've run a manual Update and power cycled it. 

I don't fancy boxing it back to Amazon but at the moment it's a nice looking paper weight.

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Re: Steeambar Bluetooth app missing


Thanks for the inquiry.

We would recommend checking out the steps outlined in our Support page: Connect a Bluetooth device

Please keep us posted what you find out.


Danny R.
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Re: Steeambar Bluetooth app missing

Thanks Danny.

So I reset the Streambar and started from the beginning (to confirm I wasn't doing it backwards :).

All setup, sound from my TV via optical works great as does Youtube on the SB.

I can Pair devices to the bar - my laptop and my Android - and they say connected.

When first paired, the Launch Bluetooth channel? dialog comes up, hitting 'Yes, launch Bluetooth channel now' takes me back to Settings / Remote & Devices.

The Bluetooth Channel seems to be missing.

Any ideas ?

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Re: Steeambar Bluetooth app missing

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