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SOLVED sort of - Roku could not reinstall channel

I gave up - tried to get my old TV to allow my android phone to "cast" Amazon Prime after I saw from these discussions there still was no solution to the software update problem. Twice I thought the TV was going to work without Roku, but my TV was just too old. I unplugged the Roku, tried again to cast but it was no use. So, I went to Walmart and bought a newer TV, planning to forget about Roku down here in the basement (although the upstairs TV, which is newer, and the newer Roku still work fine). I got the new Walmart TV (still in box) down to my basement. Then I realized I should un-pair the Roku before donating the TV, so I plugged it back in. Whaduya know. Now it's hunkydory. (I don't currently have Netflix or Hulu, but the posts here tell me they aren't the problem - Roku is.) For now, all fixed! I'll be going back to Walmart tomorrow!

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