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Reel Rookie

RokuCast stopped working on Westinghouse TV

I frequently cast/screen mirror my Win10 laptop to my TV.  Now, all of a sudden, when I try it won't connect.  My TV will just go to the home screen, flash once & then just sits at the home screen.  I deleted my device from the screen mirroring devices & re-detected it, still nothing.  I wound up resetting the Network Connections on the TV & now when I try to cast, the RokuCast screen comes up like it used to (it had stopped even showing that), it says that my video is starting, the progress bar goes about 1/3 of the way & it just freezes there.  I can't get past that point.  It just ends up timing out on my laptop.  Can anyone tell me what is going on & how to fix this??

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