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Re: Roku wireless subwoofer not working

I've tried different things apparently what it worked is always going to audio settings and restart the profile chose it, at least for now it seems is working, I found another thread with similar issue but they didn't find any solution

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Re: Roku wireless subwoofer not working

I bought the Roku subwoofer a few years ago when it first came out. I ended up sending it back because when it worked it was wonderful, but it continuously disconnected. This makes me wonder if they've fixed the issue. 

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Re: Roku wireless subwoofer not working


Thanks for the post.
Are you still experiencing this issue? Have you tried re-pairing your subwoofer to see if that helps the issue?

Please keep us posted and we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: Roku wireless subwoofer not working

I just bought the soundbar loved it's simplicity and sound so purchased additional Roku speakers and the subwoofer, it'll be here Monday but I agree with the person saying if it shows as paired and the cone vibrates, it's working.  It's basically does the same as the subs in a car system, no vocals just the deep bass, I thought his explanation about the Jurassic park sounds of the bass when dinosaurs walk was spot on, I think it working, u just don't seem to understand the subs purpose..

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