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Roku tv stutters with game mode

My Roku tv model- 40H4030F4 is update to 11.5.0 and is having a problem when game mode is turned on the screen stutters and makes the game completely unplayable I have done everything reset the tv, factory reset it and used the button on the back unplugged it did the code on the remote to restart it and nothing is working someone for the love of god fix this

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Re: Roku tv stutters with game mode

Same problem here, with exact tv, a Hisense 40H4030F4.

Games are unplayable with the stuttering.

Please help!

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Re: Roku tv stutters with game mode

Hi @Rok_user1 @rockutv,

Greetings from the Roku Community!

We're glad to assist you with your problem with games that are unplayable and stuttering on your Roku TV. Please check out this support article here on the best settings on my Roku TV for gaming.

We hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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Re: Roku tv stutters with game mode

Already tried all of that.

Game mode is broken on version 11.5.0 build 4846-G5, and users of later versions (version 12 I believe),  have reported the same issue.

It seems this problem with roku tvs started at least around April-May of this year.

It is ridiculous that today Oct 3, this problem hasn't been resolved.

This will be my last roku tv/device and will not be recommending it to others.


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