Roku TV shows up as speaker on Spotify

My roommate is able to control my Roku TV through the Spotify app on his phone. He is able to turn on the TV and start the app and play his music. How do I block this feature? I have tried deleting the Spotify app from the TV but he is able to get it to start again just by selecting my TV as a speaker on his phone. The TV basically downloads the app again at his request. Why is that a thing?

I have also disabled the 'Device Connect' and 'Control by mobile apps' under* 'Advanced Settings' but that did not seem to change a thing. This is quite frustrating, why is there no easy solution for this? Seems like a simple setting to get right.

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Re: Roku TV shows up as speaker on Spotify

Hey! Have you tried going into the Spotify settings on your TV and revoking access for other devices? Additionally, check if any Roku-specific settings allow you to disable this feature. BTW, you can also check out Streaming Famous. They offer some great tips and services to enhance your streaming experience. You might find some helpful solutions there.

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