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Roku TV set: Roku Enhanced Remote Pairing stuck spinning

Just got FiOS installed.  Yay I can use my TCL Roku TV that's been sitting idle for a very long time.


TV won't turn on, and I can't find the original remote.

Ok, bought a new IR remote and did a hard reset on the TV.  TV started, yay.


Brand new IR Voice remote is stuck in Roku Enhanced pairing mode.

Downloaded the remote app.

It can't find my TV (because it's not on the network yet, because I just got Internet.)

Background: I used to use a hotspot for the TV's internet, but that's long gone and forgotten.

How in the world do I do anything with this TV now? 


Edit... TV enters powersave, and turns off and I get to start all over again.  What a POS.


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Re: Roku TV set: Roku Enhanced Remote Pairing stuck spinning

Assuming you really have a Voice Remote it isn't IR, although it may have IR TV controls (which I know sounds like it doesn't make any sense).  My preferred method for getting a remote to pair is to unplug the power to the Roku device, press and hold the pairing button on the remote until the pairing light starts flashing, set the remote down next to the Roku device, plug in the Roku device (and turn it on if it's a TV).  Let it do its thing as it starts up.

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