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Reel Rookie

Roku TV DTS brief cutout over optical

I have a Series X and PS4 connected to my TCL 75R635 Roku TV. For surround sound I use DTS with the TV passing the signal over optical to my receiver. 

I use DTS on both systems since there's a lot less latency in that format than running DD AC3. However there are occasional brief cutouts or stutters with the audio. 

TCL's customer support can't solve it and even tries to resort to blaming my equipment since I'm not using ARC. They are basically ignoring me at this point. (They advertise this TV as having optical out and supporting DD/DTS)

DD from steaming apps works great, however Gaming from my HDMI devices has too much latency with DD. The only surround format with minimal latency while gaming is DTS. This Roku TV says it supports DTS yet has occasional hiccups keeping the passthrough signal clean. 

I read a lot of similar issues regarding DTS and Roku devices in general. When is this going to be fixed or do I need to contact Amazon to go after TCL for a replacement? 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku TV DTS brief cutout over optical

Things appear to have improved a bit since an update on Dec 13th, however the cutouts still happen after a while. Restarting the TV seem to temporarily resolve it. 

It's as if a bad RAM management issue eventually leads to these cut outs as apps are opened etc, the TV runs out of system memory possibly. 

Anyways who knows, lots of audio cut out threads here but no response this one so far. 

Seems both Role and TCL don't support their products well. 

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