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Reel Rookie

Playstation 5 goes Black Screen but not Xbox series X

Playstation 5 Black screen does not happen with the Xbox Series X. I go to settings HDMI and I have to keep the PS5 on compatability or it will go black screen. So basically I have to shut off HDR and the PS5 features are useless without this. I have reset tv more times then i would like to count nothing works does the same thing. Turned game mode on and I went back to settings HDMI and I turned it to automatic(recommended) and it goes black screen. I plugged it into hdmi arc then hdmi 3 cause xbox is in hdmi 2 and does the same thing. Changed the hdmi cable with 3 different 4k hdmi cables still nothing it goes black screen. I'm thinking at this point to go by another tv that is not roku. I don't think your tv's are compatible with the PS5. If I hit the star button while in the game console and go to picture settings it goes black screen and unfortunately it will not come out of it so I have to do another factory reset. I try to restart the tv in the setings and when the tv restarts it even goes to black screen till I hit the power button. All these issues did not exist till recently. I think it was an update that is causing all of this.

ONN. model 100012588

Hardware Id 7830X

serial Number YN001J564955

Software Version 12.0.0 Build 4182-AT

Not sure what too do so I hope all this info helps Thanks.


Ok so I was messing around in settings and went to Picture Settings and for some reason mine was set to Brightest and I turned it to Normal and HDR is now working again on both consoles. That just doesn't make sense to me. Still gonna buy another tv tho. Geez the dumb problems that should not exist but do unfortunately. Oh and NO Black Screen now.

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Re: Playstation 5 goes Black Screen but not Xbox series X

Same. I got a Roku tv a few months ago and Al having the same problems. I’ve reset and tweaked so much stuff nothing works. I actually got it to stop going black for a couple months. Then we had a storm and my power kept going out. Now the black screen is happening again. I’ve turned off everything. Middle of gaming or YouTube video and out of nowhere black screen that won’t go away. It’s so irritating. 

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