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Phonak hearing aid compatibility issues

I recently set up a Streambar to improve upon the sound of a Samsung UE43AU9000 TV which, like the Soundbar, supports Bluetooth and allowed my mother to use it in conjunction with her Phonak hearing aids via an app on her smartphone.

Since the Streambar itself has been connected via ARC this has no longer been the case (she is able to hear the difference in sound from the soundbar but cannot seem to be able to control the volume etc on her Phonak hearing aids via the app in the same way she could before the Roku was added).

Is there any way in which she can do this independently of the soundbar without having to listen in 'private mode' in the same way that she could before the soundbar was connected up?

Is the reason behind this apparent incompatibility due to a difference in the Bluetooth standard between the Samsung TV and the Roku?

This is the first soundbar I have bought and would appreciate any help.



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