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Onkyo A/V Receiver OSD (on screen display) with TCL Roku TV

Hi All,

I have a TCL Series 5 Roku TV and an Onkyo home theater system.

My Onkyo receiver is plugged in to the TV using HDMI in the Arc (both TV and receiver).

2 points:

1 - My TV loads the receiver in the input. I can control the volume of the receiver with the Roku remote.
But when I click on the receiver input in the TV menu, I get a message saying the receiver is not recognized even if everything works. Is there a workaround?

2 - I cannot get the receiver OSD on my TV. Meaning that I cannot adjust my receiver settings on my Roku TV. I have to select another input from the receiver, lets say PlayStation 4 to see the OSD.
How can I get the on screen display to show on the TV?

Thank you!


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Re: Onkyo A/V Receiver OSD (on screen display) with TCL Roku TV

I have the TX-SR393, their entry level model and I've had the same issues.

For settings, try pressing the settings menu on the Onkyo remote and when it shows on the receiver display, then switch to the receiver/arc input on the TV itself. The problem is that your receiver isn't sending any video by default, which is why it's not being detected. But if you switch to the full screen settings menu on the receiver, it should then be detectable because it's sending the menu. (But the quick menu will not be as it piggybacks on whatever else is showing.) You may or may not need to do this before sending ARC content to the receiver. I can't remember. But I have found it's fussy about switching to and from the TV.

Unless you are sending a video signal through the receiver, you're not going to be able to see the info/mode information on the TV. You just have to look at the front of the receiver, which isn't nearly as detailed. But it should be enough to at least sort out two channel and 5.1 modes.

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Re: Onkyo A/V Receiver OSD (on screen display) with TCL Roku TV

I'll try something when I get my receiver back. It's being repared.

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Re: Onkyo A/V Receiver OSD (on screen display) with TCL Roku TV

Please help with details on how to display settings in full screen 

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