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Is it TCL or ROKU? No L/R Audio OUT if you want ZONE 2 from SONY AMp

I went looking for TCL TV Forum but all roads lead back to ROKU. I have 3 of these and a streaming Stick and Stock too.

I went to look for AUDIO out so I can run it into my Surround AMP for a Zone2 set up and low and behold I ended up in in 1970!

I cannot believe there is no way to run a second audio out of ROKU TCL 4k 55" into my Sony Amp (which requires a SOURCE to be input via RCA using CD, TV/SAT, SOURCE) IT will use Bluetooth, or Tuner (which works on my setup) So in the Main I can run Amazon music but not in Zone2 via a second amp plugging it into the Surround Amp via Pre Amp Zone2. (lose you yet?)  BUT I can run Amazon Music in the Main and Fm Tuner in Zone 2. This is also SONY's fault as well. However a simple RCA OUT would negate this whole nightmare as if it were 1985.

I tried Headphone Jack OUT and that makes me lose the main zone. Optical did nothing for me either. Kinda lame"O" to be in 2023 and NO ONE thought have a second out for extra ZONES.

There are Splitters via HDMI but for 25.00 they are not going to honor 5.1 Dolby. There are Optic Splitters to RCA but again no JOY when trying to run OPTIC out of TV to OPTIC in to my SONY 1060amp. WHY? Because ZONE  won't honor HDMI nor Optic hence me boning around with Radio Corporation of America aka RCA Jacks.

In today's market of a 9.1,  7.2,  and 5.1 One would think that since FOREVER there has always been RCA outs. UGhhh! If you have come across this Rubicon and Conquered it please show me the trail.

The Amp I refer is a couple years old now, SONY 1060 with options of 3 Zones. Ie., Patio(s) Front and Back or Kitchen and Den and of course the Main area/Zone.

It would be nice to use Stream like Amazon and have it flow from inside the house to the patio area without an Audio degree. After all it is a streaming T.V and Surround Sound Amps are a thing.

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