I need help with my Roku Streambar Pro

Your phone support says your hours are from 4am pacific. That’s a lie, as it’s now 7am eastern and nobody’s there.

When I called Support yesterday, the woman was clueless about your product. My new streambar pro doesn’t work. She told me I had to reconnect my streaming stick because the streambar doesn’t have the streaming technology.  Also, I told her the orange light was blinking on the device.  She then asked me the color of the light.  I spent almost 40 minutes on the long distance call with her, and finally gave up because she had me plug and unplug all my devices several times, pull wires, and we never made any progress.  

After my call with the Roku’s ”expert”,  I called Samsung and in a few minutes learned that my tv was set up correctly for a sound bar.  

So now your phone support (did I say it’s a long distance number, btw) isn’t working and the streambar doesn’t work, I have no choice but to return it. I own 6 Roku sticks and the little streambar, but the pro sucks. As does your support.  I’ve loved my Roku experience until now.  Now I hate your product.

Note: this is apparently the only channel to communicate my frustration with Roku

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Re: I need help with my Roku Streambar Pro

Thanks for your post - saves me the trouble of trying to track down the support phone number, which I was going nuts trying to find. I also could not connect my Streambar to my new TV, and I already have a Roku player connected to it, and I so appreciated the ease of set up til now. Unfortunately I waited too long, and I am past the 30 day return window. Don't buy a Streambar, it is too complicated to set up! Now mine is going straight in the garbage;-(

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