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Two issues with my new Roku Streambar Pro & the voice remote

I recently purchased a Roku Streambar Pro (and Roku Wireless Speakers) and have had two issues that I cannot seem to fix. First off, at about every hour the sound will cut out for a second or two on anything that I play. (sound also cuts out at the same time with the wireless speakers) Secondly, whilst using the remote it'll phantom press buttons somehow. By that I mean, it'll randomly use OK, left/right/up/down, power off, or volume up/down after I had pressed once of whatever button I used.

I've unplugged everything, removed batteries, factory reset, and made sure everything is updated yet nothing seems to fix the issues.



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Re: Two issues with my new Roku Streambar Pro & the voice remote


Thanks for the post and providing us with your information.

I have passed along your information to our Support team. They will follow up and assist you.



Danny R.
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Re: Two issues with my new Roku Streambar Pro & the voice remote

So I've noticed there are similar sound issues that have been posted for over a year now without a solution. (My bad for not commenting on such existing topics) Why is it that there hasn't been an update or any other solution to fix this sound issue?

Does Roku themselves not use their own Roku Streambar Pro and if they do, do they not experience the sound issue?

I also now have the Roku Wireless Speakers which also cut out the same time the sound does on my Roku Streambar Pro. I can tolerate my remote turning off my TV without me pressing power off, I can tolerate my remote moving in a random direction on my TV after I press a button, or increasing the volume without me doing so. But the sound cutting out at about every hour for a second or two is the most obnoxious feature I've experienced using Roku products.

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Re: Two issues with my new Roku Streambar Pro & the voice remote

I had 2 streambars that did the same thing. The 2nd one totally shut down and will not work at all. I contacted support and they tried to resolve the issue but couldn't. I was told they were sending a replacement along with a confirmation email which I never got and I'm still waiting for both. I guess they don't value their product. 

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