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How to get Favorite channels working again?

   Hmm seems to me Everyone knows how to FAVORITE a CHANNEL. 


   Now all that needs to be done, to get your guide Favorites to show back up on the menu. Just go left on the remote, to the channel description. Press the STAR button, AND start FAVORITING your channels again. Now the favorite channel option will appear. Like magic. 

I hope this helps solve some channel problems. 

 I've just explained how to fix this issue in easy to explain terms.

If anyone knows an easyer way, please post it here.

Thanks says,  @Anonymous

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Re: How to get Favorite channels working again?

mine is still broken.


yes i can add favorites no problem.


but the channel guide always resets back to default "all channels" once i pick a channel.

theres no way to get the favorites filter to stay on.

it can only be used one time to select a single channel, then next time i enter the channel guide, it has defaulted the filter back to "all channels".


so frustrating !!!

Also, nothing ever shows up in the "recent channels" filter.... ever.   its always blank.


this is true for both live OTA digital antenna channel guide, and the Roku Live TV streaming channel guide.


TCL ROKU v 11.5.0 (4225)



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