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Reel Rookie

Help need to get my HD Antenna Connected

I have an Hisense LED LCD TV,   I am trying to hook up my new HD Antenna up I got for Christmas.  The Sound bar got hooked up okay, 

It's all power up and the connections are correct. 

I go to my Home Screen and Settings and there is no option for TV Inputs, So I think I have to do it manually. I have looked for Settings > Inputs> Antenna TV. But I can find it.

I went to set up and cannot find.   So I am stuck with the wifi streaming only.  I cannot get access to the local channels.     I have another smart tv and it's not a Roku and it was simple I can go back and forth to antenna and the back to wifi and streaming.


I go to set up and connection and it's check marked wireless, I need to find the option to get the antenna on.


So if anyone has an idea to get this hook up to the antenna settings or where is it.   Please share. Thank you.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Help need to get my HD Antenna Connected

Well, I kept at this for hours and not one instruction provided gave a clear answer how to do it. 

Do not go to settings and find it.

  I went to Home>LiveTV> hit options> the for the first time saw something named Antenna TV and did a scan and located approximately 53 local TV Channels> the put in the local news and network as favorites.  

I watched it all day for local football games, then later went to Streaming TV.

    Then decide to go to Antenna TV again for local news and spent 30 minutes trying to find it.  

It's not easy their is no customer service and the telephone provided for service does not work and it disconnected. So all I can say is good luck. Keep at it and remember.

This will be my first and last TV from Roku.


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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Help need to get my HD Antenna Connected


By default, the Antenna/Over-the-Air (OTA) is labeled LiveTV on the RokuTV.  It is confusing because the Streaming Channels (linear channels) are also labeled LiveTV. 

To setup the Antenna/OTA channels, follow below procedure...

1. Go to Settings/TV Inputs/LiveTV and select "Scan for Antenna Channels"

2. Then Rename the LiveTV Input to "Antenna" or whatever you want it called.  Settings/TV Inputs/Rename

3. If the Antenna tile is not showing on your Home Screen, go to Settings/TV Inputs and look for it under "Inputs not Used".  Once you select it, it should become available on the Home Screen.

4. If you want to seperate the Streaming Channels from the Antenna/OTA channels (which I prefer to do), then go to Settings/TV Inputs/Antenna/Manage Channels/Hide Streaming Channels (check the box to hide these).  

When you want to watch the Streaming Channels on the Roku Channel, you can either select "Live TV" from the menu on the left side of Home Screen, or simply launch the Roku Channel and look for the LiveTV section.


It gets a bit easier once you get used to the RokuTV.   I still prefer a dumb TV with an HDMI attached Roku device, but you will llikely get the hang of it when you get used to the Roku OS and find out where all the different settings are.

You are also free to ask here if you have any questions.


Here is a good page to start with on the Support page for the RokuTV.  Then look to the right for additional articles on how to setup and configure the RokuTV. 


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