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HBO Max On Roku muffled background music

I just purchase both the steam bar and stream bar pro and on the stream bar I am noticed while watching matrix resurrections on HBO Mac all the background music is muffled but yet when I play hbo max on my smart tv app and stream the audio through the steam bar the  sound is perfect this is clearly a software problem sense this does not happen on the pro or my smart tv anyone else experiencing this problem and what would be the fix 

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Re: HBO Max On Roku muffled background music


Thanks for the post.

Does this audio issue happen when you play content on other channels or does this only happen within HBO Max? Are you using any volume modes when streaming content?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


Danny R.
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Re: HBO Max On Roku muffled background music

I have an ONN Roku TV 12.5.5 - Build 4174-C4 I was watching steam online and it was muffled. Horrible. I went to my Settings:

Settings > Network > System > Advance System Settings > Network Connection Reset > Reset Connection. And it fixed everything.

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