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Re: Favorites completely gone!

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Favorites are gone here, too. I had Favorites all week long under OTA Antenna TV. This includes a mix of streaming channels and antenna channels. They disappear and the only way to get them back is to back completely out of the "antenna TV" menu back to the home screen a couple of times. Currently they have reappeared, but they disappear frequently. I have no idea what I do that causes them to reappear or disappear. Every time this happens, I'm afraid they're gone for good. It's a pain setting up favorites, so Roku shouldn't make it so difficult to keep them.

65" Hisense Roku TV (Costco model #65R7G5)
OTA TV antenna (indoor $20 RCA rabbit ears)
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Re: Favorites completely gone!

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I’m having the same issue for the last couple of weeks every day I have to reset all of my favorite 20s channels the next day they’re gone I have factory reset I have unplugged and let it set and plugged it back in. I have disconnected from the wireless Internet, and reset that up and still have the same issue. Everyone is complaining about here. I am ready to throw this TV out the nearest window.

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Re: Favorites completely gone!

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It would be easier to diagnose if the problem was consistent between devices & from day to day.

We have 3 TCK Roku televisions & an Onn. Roku televisions. All of them used to lose the Favorites often, but now it is random which TCL will lose them. The Onn. loses them constantly, but that television is the poster child for Lousy Programming in many other ways, too.

"Recents" is a mix of stuff I've viewed and channels I've never viewed. Hidden channels come back randomly on all of the televisions.


Maybe This Will Help:

Lately I've noticed once in a while when the favorites are gone, I can get them back quickly by:


Up One Click to "Settings"

One click right to "Network"  Ignore where it says you're connected under "About"

Once click down to "Check Connection"

Click to Check the connection

When it's done, click "Home"

When it is done, lots of times the Favorites are back. (Never worked on the Onn. TV, just the TCLs)


I hope this helps you all avoid manually entering the Favorite channels again!


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