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Double Billed for 8 months for two packages!

In July 2022, after 14 years, we dropped Charter (Spectrum) because of their high prices. We used the free FUBOTV subscription and started being billed on August 1st, 2022, for the $69.99 package. That package didn't have an ESPN station where I could watch Formula 1 racing. My wife upgraded us from the $69.99 package to the $79.99 package using the same debit card for autopay the same month that we started getting billed. Starting in August we paid $69.99 on the first of the month and then were billed again on August 26th for $79.99 (instead of the $10.00 for the upgrade) we thought we were getting. From August until now (March 2nd, 2023) we have been billed on the first of the month and again at the end. We should've and are willing to pay the $559.93 for the 8 months of service, but instead were billed and paid $1,157.85. We're not looking for a refund (that would be nice), instead, I would like FUBO TV and partner ROKU to credit us the 7 extra months we already paid them in advance. That would push our billing out to October or November before we'd receive a bill from the partners. And why two different billing periods?

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Re: Double Billed for 8 months for two packages!

Hi @DukeSafety

Welcome to the Roku Community. 

We're glad you are here so we can best assist you. We apologize to hear about the charges on your card. Have you already tried contacting our Billing support team? If haven't, for account & billing concerns, it may be more effective to get help from our Billing team. You can contact them here: then choose 'Account, payments & subscription'. They are the best ones to help you out with that matter.

We hope to get this sorted out soon. Let us know if you have any other concerns, and we're more than happy to help. 


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