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Disable Live TV auto scanning?

The same happens with my simple antenna channels, every time I turn off the TV I have to rescan for channels (mostly local). They always populate back but it is very frustrating that with all the technology in this TV it cannot remember some already scanned in local channels. I have searched the settings and do not see an application that can help.


Channel Surfer

Loss of all antenna channels when streaming

This issue continues. Roku TV will forget OTA channels causing a re-scan each time I want to watch live TV.


Any insight?



Channel Surfer

Roku Deletes scanned antenna channels while I am watching and turn off

This reply is not helpful.

The channels have been scanned and watched. But Roku forgets them forcing a rescan. Anyone suffering from the issue is well aware of how to scan for channels....

Since Roku keeps dropping out of the ABC stream, I try to just watch OTA. But can't do that b/c the channels disappear. Weak sauce.


Reel Rookie

Re: Loss of all antenna channels when streaming

I'm also having this problem. Every time I turn off the TCL Roku TV it forgets the scanned channels.

Because of the cumbersome navigation in Live TV, you have to scan again and then find them and it's a whole hassle. 

Please Roku, fix this.

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