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Directv Roku App Favorites guide does not wrap

Just a sill annoying design flaw that it seems nobody will fix.  Used to work, but the same big "Update" a long time ago broke it and it seems developers don't care.  If "ALL" channels are selected, the guide menu will wrap from the end to the beginning channel (Z to A) and vice-versa (A to Z) when the Up or Down arrow gets to the bottom or top of the list.  However, when "Favorites" are turned on, which for most of us it always is, the guide menu stops at the top or bottom and won't wrap.  Example:  You're at a channel that starts with "A" and want to go to a channel that starts with "Z", can't go up 1 channel.  Have to go down 50 plus channels to get to it.  Just ridiculous.

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