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Digital antenna without wifi

What is the sense of having a digital antenna if it can only receive signals with Wi-Fi connected? Connecting to Wi-Fi negates the need for the digital lantana and uses my limited bandwidth.

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Re: Digital antenna without wifi

I’m guessing you have a Roku TV and are asking about using Over-The-Air vs Wi-Fi.  When streaming, it will be using the Wi-Fi antenna (or ethernet if you connect it that way), and when viewing OTA TV, will be using the OTA antenna.  When viewing OTA, there may still be a little background internet activity, like checking for firmware updates, but the picture/sound you are watching will be arriving Over-The-Air from the local broadcaster.

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Re: Digital antenna without wifi

@Bruce3241 you need to be more specific about what you're asking. What model Roku are you using? Referencing a "digital" antenna (there's no such thing, and antenna is an antenna) sounds like you're referring to a Roku TV, not a player. But without additional information, we're all just guessing about what your issue might be.

The only Roku player with an external antenna is the Roku Stick, which has the WiFi antenna built into the power cable. This allows it to be larger and work better. 


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Re: Digital antenna without wifi

The Antenna box has been replaced with a Live TV box on the Home Screen on my Roku tv. The problem is 

I can't access the OTA channels without an internet connection. So when we had a big storm and lost the internet, we could not watch TV. Any way to get OTA tv without an internet connection?

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Re: Digital antenna without wifi

Hello @Activatecard

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Let's ensure the system is updated to its latest version. I suggest you follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

-Restart the system by navigating to Settings->System->Power->System restart
-Update the system by navigating to Settings->System->System update->Check now
-Select Settings followed by System 
-Select Zipcode and enter your zip code
-After you enter your zip code, you need to set up the Live TV input again and let your Roku TV re-scan the "over-the-air" channels.
-Navigate to Home, and select Live TV. If Live TV is missing, you can add it by going to Settings > TV inputs > Live TV > Set up input
-Follow the instructions on the TV screen to complete the setup

For additional information on setting up the Live TV input, refer to the FAQ:
 How do I set up the Live TV input on my Roku TV™?


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Re: Digital antenna without wifi

This just happened to me. The only way I figured out to watch TV is scanning for channels again. Afterwards it sent me to live TV.

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