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Reel Rookie

DVD Audio Problem With Sonos - New Roku TV

Just replaced my Bravia with a Roku 50" 4k TV and Audio setting 'passthrough' does not work as it did with my Bravia.   Some DVDs (Blu Rays) will display a message in the Sonos app:

"Unsupported TV Audio"

And nothing is heard through the speakers.  On the Bravia, this was overcome by choosing PASSTHROUGH, and then DTS/DOLBY were all working fine and automatically.   My Sonos is S2 - it's new.  Streaming sources work fine, but it's only the certain Blu Rays that seem to confuse the TV.  It's a week old, considering returning if this cannot be resolved as it's a deal breaker. 

In addition to Passthrough, I've tried all the other settings - CUSTOM, as well as AUTO, and the results are the same with these disks. 

Thank you for anything you can provide.

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Reel Rookie

Re: DVD Audio Problem With Sonos - New Roku TV

Update - after having gone through all options on the Roku TV including Passthrough, Custom (both Dolbys tested as well as DTS ON), and Auto - the last and only option that reveals any sound signal is STEREO.   But this is not an option.   I tried experimenting also with the DVD Audio output settings as well to no avail.   Again, the only thing that's changed in my chain here is the TV.  Seems it simply can't handle some audio signals and is not really doing what the menus claim.   Anyone?

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