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Connecting Onn TV to non-ARC HDMI amp.

Will the ARC HDMI out on my Onn Roku tv work with a non-ARC HDMI input on an amplifier? Or do both devices need to be ARC enabled? I'm only looking to output sound from the TV to amplifier, I am not inputing a signal to the TV. 



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Re: Connecting Onn TV to non-ARC HDMI amp.

Hi @kanuuker

Welcome to the Roku Community!

We understand that you are having confusion with HDMI ARC and non-HDMI ARC. The HDMI ARC connection provides a number of benefits over the digital audio output. 

  • Less clutter: With a single cable, HDMI ARC uses two-way communication to send sound to your AVR or soundbar while simultaneously sending pictures to your Roku TV. There is no need for separate audio and video cables.
  • Control other devices: Using only your Roku TV remote, you can control aspects of your home theater, like adjusting the volume and muting the sound.
  • Support for more surround sound formats: The HDMI ARC connection supports the same formats as the digital audio output, but with greater throughput, it also supports advanced formats like Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos. The S/PDIF connection is limited to 2 channels of uncompressed stereo sound (PCM) or 5.1 channels of compressed surround sound (Dolby Digital or DTS).

You can check out this support article: How to connect a surround sound system to your Roku TV

See if it helps; keep us posted so we can assist further if needed.
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