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Reel Rookie

Commercial volume too loud

I've seen various solutions to this problem with Roku blaming individual channels and someone claiming it's a universal issue. None of that is true in my situation. I have a TCL 49S405 Roku TV. The volume issue changes from the Roku Channel to Hulu to Netflix, etc. I have 3 other non Roku TVs in the house on the same WIFI system and none of them have this problem. I can watch the same program on Hulu on my Vizio TV (using a Roku box /Express) as my wife is watching on the TCL and she has the volume issues and I do not. The problem is ONLY with the TCL Roku TV. There are no volume leveling settings available on these problem channels. It seems to be locked out/unavailable when I press the * button while viewing the program. It annoys my wife to the point that she wants us to throw the TCL away and buy another Vizio. I'm not going to point fingers, but there  are so many complaints about this issue, that you would think Roku would want to address it with the TCL manufacturer. The problem ONLY occurs with my TCL Roku tv and not with any of my other TVs using a separate Roku device. 


Re: Commercial volume too loud

The sound problem is not from the content providers, Roku can put in sound limiters, or set standard audio levels to their content providers. The sound level jump is extremely annoying and just makes me leave the Roku channel. If I leave the channel, I cannot possibly watch the commercials for products that are paying to reach viewers like me.  It seems like other users have complained but with no responses or excuses. 


Re: Commercial volume too loud

Loud Commercials were first created in the 1990's.

Commercials are recorded louder than what the show was recorded in. So, even if you lowered the volume, You would go deaf by lowering TV volume or go deaf from extreme loud Commercials. Loud Commercials were created, so you can hear them if you walked away from television by the advertisers.

There is absolutely nothing volume adjustments will do for you. Regardless of what your told. Unless demands are made for standard volume to match MOVIE/TV SHOW from advertisers. Then again, the louder Commercials will not get noticed to sell their product(s).

High End TV sets added a volume adjustment to level this out on cable/satellite TV. This has never worked for me when streaming TV shows.

You have two choices people. 1. stop complaining and watch your show. 2. complain to the companies that advertise with LOUD commercial volume.