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Reel Rookie

Commercial Loopsmaking mesick ofwatching TV

You guys are making us HATE Rich Eisen, Martha Stewart and Weird Al Yankovic. Due to the incessant playing of this commercial loop I promise you I will never watch those programs. There is a difference between advertising and choking people to death with the same repeat add. It literally just played 8 times in a row. WTF?


Re: Commercial Loopsmaking mesick ofwatching TV

Absolutely right! 

HauntTV would have the scrambled television with a timer letting you know when the show would be back on. 

What happened to that?? Please bring that back!

No matter what channel I am watching, I have no desire to watch these same commercials over and over again. In fact Rich and Martha should get a room with Weird!

*huge grumbles*


Re: Commercial Loopsmaking mesick ofwatching TV

That loop makes me want to kill something.  Hardly EVER watch the Roku channel now because I just can't take that.... Rise Up!!!!....and then it starts. and then there's rich eisen.  and then the weird al thing.  Hey Roku!!! NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH THAT STUPID WEIRD AL MOVIE. NOOOOOO BODDDDDDDYYYY!!!!  

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