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Cable cord to Roku TV issues

I recently purchased a Roku Tv and got everything set up.   All my apps work great however I can not get my cable to work.  My cable does not have a box or anything, it is a cord that goes directly into the tv. 

I plugged the cord in and screws it on right.   I removed it and did it again but still do not get anything.  Has anyone had this issue and if so, what did you do to correct it?  Thank you 

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Re: Cable cord to Roku TV issues

What's coming from the cable co?  QAM? NTSC?  Honestly I don't know if TVs generally have NTSC tuners these days.

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Re: Cable cord to Roku TV issues

As @Strega mentioned, there are different forms of signal transmission from cable companies. I don't use cable TV, but I seem to recall that when I last scanned for channels on my Roku TV (it was years ago), I had more than one cable option to scan.

Yes, TVs still have NTSC tuners, although I'm not sure why. However, I just did a quick web search and apparently the very last NTSC stations finally went off the air here in the US July 13, 2021. Wow, I had no idea there were any left. But they were apparently some of the low powered translator stations that continued to broadcast. Now whether some cable companies still use NTSC as a transmission form, I have no idea. It's unlikely, since it's not capable of HD, and I would be shocked if any cable company didn't offer at least some HD content.


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