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Since the great 11.5 update, I can no longer watch my OTA stations! Only streamed channels show up in the Guide, when I go from 1280, it will jump to 115 (the beginning of news channels), with all the stations in between 2 & 69.6 are gone!! Sometimes when I turn the TV off & on, it will suddenly show those channels, but most of the time it's nothing!  On top of the now slow & jittery scrolling involved trying to see if the stations are accessible, this is simply unacceptable!  No word from Roku, despite all these complaints, and I'd like to know how I can watch all the stations that would show up on any TV I hook an antenna to? Or when an update with a fix for this mess will be happening.

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Nobody from Roku has a response to this?? Come on, what kind of "service" is this? 
Why make it impossible to watch channels via antenna?  

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Do you notice different behavior if you Hide the streaming channels from the Live TV input?

I think I would try the following procedure.

1. Remove the Live TV Input (* button, remove input)

2. System Restart the RokuTV (Settings/System/Power/System Restart)

3. Enable the LiveTV Input again (Settings/TV inputs/Live TV)

4. Hide the Streaming Channels from the OTA channel guide. (Settings/TV Inputs/Live TV/Hide Streaming Channels).


You can then access the Streaming Channels through the Home Screen Menu Live TV or the Roku Channel Live TV.  I normally just rename the OTA Live TV Input to keep all these things clear.

I am not seeing what you are describing on my Insignia RokuTV (I do have streaming and OTA seperated) so just throwing out ideas as to what I would try.

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Thanks for those tips, but I'm not sure I understand how to carry them out. Like removing the Live TV input/button, don't know what you're referring to, nor how to remove it.

As for doing a system restart, would that mean having to manually recreate & re-sign up for all the different channels and apps I currently have? And other settings as well?

I'll try hiding the streaming channels from the OTA channel guide, and see if that helps. I would imagine I could still go to specific streaming channels, via voice, even with their not being shown in the channel guide. 
It's so odd, sometimes I will see the OTA channels in the All Channels guide, and sometimes they won't be there. Plus, the wack groupings newly instituted have made it at times impossible to find certain streaming channels such as the three Qwest TV music ones, as they are oddly not in the Music category!! I really hope Roku eventually fixes this mess, as I can never tell from day to day, what stations I'll see in the guide, and which ones I won't...

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