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Antenna (OTA) channels not visible when Streaming channels are not hidden

At some point (software upgrade) this feature was removed, maybe because most people are using LiveTV or Roku LiveTV to get the free streaming channels.

However, I would like this looked into. My antenna channels are not showcased at all without going into SETTINGS -> TV INPUTS -> LIVE TV -> MANAGE CHANNELS -> HIDE STREAMING CHANNELS

Before the update, the antenna channels would be the lowest ones (streaming starts around channel 115) and they were in their own category (I believe it was called "Antenna").

NOTE: Doing a re-scan of antenna channels will populate the Roku software with the channels and, once deselecting the HIDE STREAMING CHANNELS, will allow both streaming and antenna channels to be visible in LiveTV. 

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Re: Antenna (OTA) channels not visible when Streaming channels are not hidden

My problem with scaned channels disappearing has been solved . I was not aware that the the two different "objects named "Live TN" had different icons. One is on black and white , with morse code,and oneis on color. The balck and white one reappeard where Ihad been seeingthe color version. It has remembered the scanned channels fro earlier, and it was not showing until my wife watched some randomstraming material .


I immediately renamed one icon to "Antenna" and now it is apparent which one we might want. (  I had to watch a Utube video to understand the visual difference. ) 


istill don't know why I was not seeing the balck and white versio for a couple of sdays. I was not doing my compulsory TV watched. 

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