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Ads intrusiveness has turned unacceptable.

I've had it. I purchased a TCL Roku TV near Thanksgiving of last year, 2021. I also have a Roku standalone device. It was an impressive first experience with Roku after using Google Chromecast on every TV for years. Now the ads are becoming increasingly aggressive.  Every Roku screensaver displays ads. Roku keeps adding menus to the left column that thankfully I can hide in the settings—intrusive but tolerable. The ad in the right column—right smack on the home screen—disgusts me, because this isn't some free service I'm choosing to use and you're forcing a billboard of often irrelevant content to be displayed in my home. If I'm in your Roku app, then fine, I'm opting in to your content and programming. Then 10 minutes ago I had an ad cover my entire screen insisting that I interact with it to dismiss it to continue using my TV.  Of course with the main eye catching choice being to email me an offer (get lost). Chromecast has made great growth in their interface, and I bet my TV won't freeze and restart randomly using one either once I set the TCL to auto-start on that HDMI input (then I'll never see a single Roku branded anything, and you'll get no revenue.)  So tell the powers that be at Roku: users and customers are encouraging that they rethink the ad strategy.  I'll be happy to let the screen door hit me on the way out if something doesn't improve.

Update: nevermind, a Chromecast 4k will be here between 5pm-10pm tonight, and that screen door felt great after reading reviews where others specifically call Roku out for this. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Ads intrusiveness has turned unacceptable.

Wow! How is Chromecast? I really liked Roku but, it has become more ads than programming. The commercials break in anywhere. Newscasters are in mid sentence and that loud, obnoxious ad comes back on for the 10th time in a 1 hour program!!

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