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75” roku TV kicking me out of apps

My Roku tv is kicking me out of apps like Netflix, Disney plus, Hulu with just a few minutes of entering the apps. I have tried everything restarting the tv removing the apps and installing them again, unplugging everything and doing it again and factory restarting the TV and still having problems. 

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Re: 75” roku TV kicking me out of apps

Hello @Nena9693

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

Make sure that your Roku Operating System and app version are up to date. To do this, on your Roku go to Settings > System > System Update and then press the "Check Now" button. Your Roku will update its Roku software and any apps that have an available update. After that restart the device.

For more information, check out this support link: How to update the software on your Roku TV™ or Roku® streaming player

Let us know if there's any difference after.


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Re: 75” roku TV kicking me out of apps

Seems you're not the only one.  Most of us have picture freezing problems, app ending problems, and sound not synching up.  Occurs on my TV's when I go into Netflix.  All I can think of is the TV doesn't have the memory to hold the stream.  

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