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supported roku devices for mlbTV TROUBLES

I have three roku supported devices for MLBtv. I go select a condensed previous game, and I can only watch the first game. When that game is over, it goes back to games menu and when I select a second game it spins and just drops back to the games menu. I have to go back to the roku menu and re-enter the MLB app to select another condensed game every time after watching just one game. Been going on for over a month. I have been round and round with MLBtv support to no avail. Any others that have MLBtv having the same problem?

Sometimes I have watched  more by selecting a second try, but nothing is consistent.

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Re: supported roku devices for mlbTV TROUBLES

I've never tried watching more than the last completed game at one sitting, so I just watched last 3 completed compressed games as a test, with no problems.  This was with:

  • MLB ver 8.8 build 2
  • Roku Ultra 4800RW, ver 13.0.0 build 24056-C2

When problems are confined to a particular channel, it may be that the channel did not install correctly, has received a faulty update, or has subsequently gotten corrupted. A reinstall of the channel may fix the problem, so that is the first thing I would try. This is not a cure all but it will assure you have an intact copy of the channel app's current version

Remove/reinstall procedure:

  1. Highlight channel on home screen.

  2. Press * key on the Roku remote and choose Remove channel option.

    [Note: If this channel is one for which you have a paid subscription through Roku, there will be a "Manage subscription" option instead of a "Remove channel" option. You can click this and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription and prevent any more payments, but your subscription and channel access will continue until your subscription period runs out. Due to a programming decision by Roku, you will not be able to remove the channel app via the Roku interface until the subscription period runs out.

    Instead, try removing the channel via the official Roku remote app on an Android/iOS phone/tablet connected to one of the Rokus on your account. At the bottom of the first screen, click Search and do a search for the installed channel name. On the resulting screen you should get options to Launch the channel on your Roku, or Remove the channel. I've never tried to remove a subscribed-thru-Roku channel (I haven't had one for years) but it's been reported this works even while the subscription is still active.

    This will remove the channel from your Roku account, and thus from ALL Rokus linked to that same Roku account.

    Restart the Roku to clear its memory. Depending on your Roku model you'll find the System restart option under Settings > System > Power or if you have no Power option, under Settings > System. Repeat on any additional Rokus linked to this Roku account.

    [Note: For Roku TVs (i.e. ones with Roku capability built in) with "Fast TV start" enabled, turning the TV off/on just puts it in/out of a standby state and does not give you a full restart. Use the menu options listed above.]

  4. Reinstall the channel to your Roku account via the Roku Home page Streaming Channels menu option. This will install the channel on all Rokus linked to this Roku account.


  • The channel will be added to the END of each Roku's channel grid.
  • The Roku on which you performed the reinstall should get the installation immediately. Other Rokus linked to this Roku account may not get the channel until their next automatic update check. You can force an immediate update on any unit via Settings > System > System update.
  • If channel requires a login, you may need to log in anew.

If the problem persists at this point, it typically means the current version of the channel app has a problem that must be addressed by the channel itself as they are the ones that create the Roku-compatible version of their app and provide it to Roku.


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Re: supported roku devices for mlbTV TROUBLES

just figured out if while watching a condensed game, and I pause it near the end of the condensed games, then go back to games screen, I can pull up another condensed game 1st try??? otherwise it takes two tries.

MLB and Roku still has no solution to trouble. Have performed all suggested with both MLB and Roku support. Each wants to blame the other. Roku says I have no subscription to MLB, but I subscribed through MLB, and loaded the app and signed in before. Had it for years. This has been going on for a month or more now.

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Re: supported roku devices for mlbTV TROUBLES

it's **bleep** that Roku does not support MLB on two of my devices now, however they should also add 3900X. all three devices in the last month have failed operation of MLBtv. Now if I want MLBtv to work properly I have to get three new devices. That sucks that a company can do this to make you go buy more Roku's. They should be sending new ones out when they do this.


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