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content clasification is wrong or missing

The content classification is severely flawed. You have content that isn't sci-fi listed under sci-fi, specifically fantasy but others as well.

I particularly hate these Religious propaganda films that are not labelled under a new category that should be called "Religious Propaganda", and are NOT sci-fi or action or whatever they are under. All this does is waste my time and make me mad. Also, people LOOKING for this content would appreciate it having its own category.

Why isn't there a Western classification?  same for superheroes. (Animae is NOT automatically superheroes, either)

why isn't my stuff or my saved content the FIRST thing in the list of options? I shouldn't have to scroll way down through a list of thing  am NOT interested in jst to get to the saved stuff I want to see.

we should also be able to REMOVE categories we don't want to see. IT would also be great if we could remove specific content we don't want to see, and mark content as already seen so other alternatives would be offered

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