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YouTube via my Roku, not YouTube TV, regular free YouTube

Hi, does anyone happen to how I can 'unsubscribe' (really it's not unsubscribing, as I never subscribed, it's that YouTube recommends channels I don't want) from channels automatically recommended to me when on YouTube on my TV? I do not have YouTube TV, this is the same free YouTube as on my PC.

On YouTube on my PC, or even my phone, YouTube provides a drop down menu where I can click 'not interested in the channel, don't recommend it again' is there anything like that when on YouTube on my TV?

On my TV, & I am logged into the same account as my PC, YouTube continue recommending things I don't want, they do recommend m Subscription, but also recommend "Junk' channels.



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Re: YouTube via my Roku, not YouTube TV, regular free YouTube

About the only way I can think of is to log out of your Google account in the channel. In theory that should remove the channel tracking what you watch. But it also makes it very inconvenient to see what you do want to watch. 

Unfortunately, it's up to Google to make a not interested function actually work. When I press and hold the OK button when I have something selected I don't want to see, there is a "not interested" choice. I will say that I have been trying to stop it from recommending to me every single music video around simply because I watched some Eric Clapton and Emerson, Lake and Palmer videos. Why it thinks I want to watch so much of today's music trash I have no idea. But after several weeks, of hitting "not interested", they may have finally gotten the point. But then I've been gone on vacation this week, so perhaps I'm still getting them in my recommended list. Haven't looked yet today.


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