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YouTube Music, Useless, Impossible to play an album?

I don't see a YouTube Music app/channel. I see I can go to Music on the YouTube app. But first thing I do I go to listen to an album I've been listing to a lot lately. It's IMPOSSIBLE to listen to an album. If I go to Albums at the top, there's like 5 albums and no "more" button. If I find a song by the artist, there's no way to take me to a discography, there's just random song and videos YouTube feels is associated with the band?

I pay for YouTube Music, YouTube Premium bundle, but there's just no way to use YouTube Music on Roku like a music service. There's no way to see discographies, there's only an artist/band "channel" and it's just random songs/videos of theirs. When on a particular song, there's no easy way or ANY way to click on the artist or the album to get a list of their songs or albums. 

If anyone has this better figured out than I have and it's not as useless and horrible as I think it is, please share your suggestions, info, tips.

YouTube/Google really seems to have given up on competing with Spotify or even Amazon Music. I hear they fired the entire staff of YouTube Music for trying to unionize? So, maybe there's no hope for an actual Roku native YouTube Music app/channel. And I guess I need to think about paying for YET ANOTHER **bleep** subscription and pay for Spotify or something. 

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Re: YouTube Music, Useless, Impossible to play an album?

You may be better off with something else, but at least use the youtube app on your phone and connect it to your Roku if you're not already using it that way. I just searched for an album, it played the first track, I skipped to the second, I see each track in my playback queue and it's playing them sequentially.. I haven't used it much, I'm just exploring it now after reading your rant.

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