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Re: DirecTV sign in not working

I did all of above — was a DIRECTV satellite customer, switched to DTV Stream, set up a Stream account with a different email address (given my and ATT accounts were/are linked). After multiple subscriptions, testing, and cancellations and restarts, finally was about to access the Stream app on iPhone and 1 fire stick TV, but have not been able to access Stream on another fire stick TV or a ROKU TV.  Each throws a care code 902 upon login attempt with new Stream credentials.  So doesn’t appear to be specific to Roku or Fire; apparently an ongoing conflict with deactivated Satellite.  No one at DIRECTV Stream has been able to resolve.  About to execute final cancellation — after days of vacation time wasted.  DirecTV should be harshly reviewed for what they’re putting long time customers through, while still charging a bundle for Stream.  Clearly no regression testing.  Had been with DirectV since ‘83 — loyalty now well beyond exhausted.

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