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Why does Roku ask for my PIN when I try to watch a free movie?

I found a movie on a list of free movies. When I tried to watch it, I was asked to enter my Roku PIN. I was afraid I'd be charged for the so-called free movie, so I didn't enter the PIN and of course didn't watch the movie. 

Why does Roku ask for my PIN if the movie is free? Is it really free? 

Frankly, I'm afraid to watch things on Roku because they forced me to put a card on file. I prefer Peacock. 

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Re: Why does Roku ask for my PIN when I try to watch a free movie?


Users can set a PIN requirement for either purchasing content, adding channels, or due to parental controls (watching certain content based on rating).

Go to and select "PIN Preference" and see if maybe you enabled Parental controls.


For the most part, free movies are absolutely free. (occasionally, a movie may be listed as free on channels/apps that offer both free and buy/rent movies, and then turns out the free showing has expired or is listed wrong).  Any movie or series on the Roku Channel is absolutely free.

If you want to make sure you can't be inadvertently charged, go to, and select "Payment Method", and remove your payment info/credit card.  Then anytime something tries to be charged, you will be alerted with an on-screen box that says the transaction could not be completed.


Feel free to post back the movie and the channel/app you wanted to watch it on and we can verify if it was actually free.

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