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Why do we have to watch commercials about pubic hair?

  • It's not just Roku. I was watching American Idol on ABC and they had a commercial for razors for shaving public hair. It may be a thing, but it's just not necessary to have commercials like that. There's another commercial about full body deodorant where a girl says her pits aren't all that stinks. She pulls her pants away from her body and sprays "down there". Commercials are just getting so sick!
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Community Moderator

Re: Why do we have to watch commercials about pubic hair?

Welcome and thank you for reporting this issue to the Roku Community @Sage_1310!

We understand that you're worried about the ads prompted on your Roku device, and we're sorry for any trouble it may cause.

Please be advised that Roku doesn't control the content or ads within an app, as they provide and maintain their own channel on the Roku streaming platform. We'll properly assess this issue, and we would like to know what specific content (Live TV or On-demand shows) and time you have noticed the ads.

We need more information to properly evaluate the situation and we will be looking forward to your response.


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Re: Why do we have to watch commercials about pubic hair?

Welcome to the world we live in. This has nothing to do with Roku, or any other streaming device or service. It's a general discussion of the society we live in. Nothing to do with the purpose of these forums, which is to address issues with Roku and/or the community here. 

Learn what your mute button is for. If it's the imagery, shut it off if it offends you that much. This is the world we live in and no human being can change it, but we can adapt.

So, to answer your actual question, "you" do not "have to" watch anything at all. So there is no why.

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