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Channel Surfer

Why did most streams on The Roku Channel stop working?

Only a very few of the streams work on The Roku Channel.

This is happening on every device I own 2 Roku TV's, 1 Streaming stick on a TV as well as my PC 2 different browsers.

I have power cycled the modem, router and devices in question. No browser extensions on Windows 11 everything is updated. 

It's frustrating to have them all go out at once for no reason.


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Channel Surfer

Re: Why did most streams on The Roku Channel stop working?

They stopped working about a week ago. The Roku Live is hit and miss on what works. On my PC it says 

Something went wrong

Sorry, this page can't be viewed. Check your browser settings and try again.

For more help, please visit Roku support.

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Similar message on all my other devices. 
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Roku Guru

Re: Why did most streams on The Roku Channel stop working?

Try rebooting your Router, then your Roku. Streams that don't work on most channels could also be related to your Internet connection. Try doing a speed test from a web browser on your phone using your home WiFi. It could also be your WiFi connection if your Router is having issues or the distance is too far away from your Roku.


Roku is my favorite streamer, has my favorite Roku channels
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